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Dove Proso Millet Food Plot Seed

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About Dove Proso Millet For Food PlotsDove on a branch.

Dove Proso Millet is one of the most popular millets used for attraction and feeding of doves. The millet seed-heads of dove proso mature from the top of the stalk downward and become so heavy that the seed-heads will tend to droop over toward the ground giving the birds easy access to the mature seeds even before they fall off. All types of wild birds and fowl will feed on these seeds from the stalk or from off the ground. Proso can grow from 3-7 feet tall and provide mature seeds in 65 days. Often the fields will be mowed to provide additional shattering of the seeds for easier consumption by birds. Contact game and fish agencies on rules on planting and mowing this crop in your state if planted for game hunting purposes.

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Type: warm season annual grass

Uses: These plants can reach 4 to 6 feet tall producing an open seed head similar to oats. A unique characteristic is the seed will not mature uniformly. They will start to ripen from the top of the head down, dislodging and dropping to the ground as they mature. The seeds are very shiny, slick and resist mold and mildew making them an excellent plant for doves, quail and ducks.

Planting Dove Proso For Food Plots

  • Date: (For most wildlife species) North Alabama and North Georgia from May 15-June 10; central Alabama and central Georgia from April 15- June 10; South Alabama and South Georgia from March 15- June 10. (For dove only) June 1–June 10 area wide
  • Rate: 12 lbs. per acre Broadcast or 6 lbs. per acre drilled
  • Depth: ˝" maximum

Best for: Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Quail

Also check out the Pennington WingMaster DOVE mixture which is contains a mix of proso type millets.

Dove Proso Millet Information

(Panicum miliaceum)

Gray DoveDove Proso was obtained from Almora, United Province, India by the United States Department of Agriculture and assigned the plant introduction number 196292. Seed from this introductions was obtained from the Southern Regional Plant Introduction Station at Experiment, Georgia by the Soil Conservation Service to evaluate at its Plant Materials Center. It was first planted at the American Plant Material Center in 1961 and compared in subsequent years with over 30 other Proso introductions. Dove Proso was also evaluated on the farms of many soil and water conservation district operators in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina before being released for commercial production.

Dove Proso grows 3 feet to 6 feet in height. The plants have a sprangling top somewhat similar to oats. Dove Proso Millet seed do not mature uniformly at one time, but mature when planted in the spring throughout late summer and fall. The seed mature from the top of the head down. The plant bends over and the head turns down as the seed begin to mature. The mature seeds fall from the seed head onto the ground as they complete ripening. Dove Proso Millet seed have a shiny seed coat. They do not mold or mildew easily, thus they retain their attraction for birds. Dove Proso Millet does not volunteer the next year to a great extent, thus they do not create a pest to crops to be grown in later years. Dove Proso is adapted to the entire Southern region of the United States, and normally blooms in 60 days and matures in 75 days after emergence.

Yield Capacity Seed: Dove Proso Millet varies widely in yield of seed due to moisture, sunlight hours and fertility. It is extremely difficult to harvest mechanically due to its variance of maturity in that portions of the seed head matures prior to the remainder.

Forage: Dove Proso millet in trials conducted on the farms of W. M. Prichard of Louisville, Georgia yielded equally with pearl type millets.

Grazing: Dove Proso millet in grazing trials conducted in the Sandersville area of Georgia performed equally with Pearl Cattail and Brown Top Millets.

Hay: Dove Proso millet in trials conducted on the farms of W.M. Prichard of Louisville, Georgia yielded equally with Coastal Bermuda. Livestock fed with the baled Dove Proso Millet in the winter of 1969 ate the hay with relish - preferring it to Coastal Bermuda hay.

Planning Information for Birds: Plant in 36 inch to 42 inch rows, using 10 to 15 pounds of seed per acre. Clean cultivate twice. Or: Plant broadcast or with drill using 20 lbs. of seed per acre.

For combination Bird, Grazing and Hay Use: Plant 25 pounds per acre with grain drill or 30 pounds per acre broadcast. In all methods of planting Dove Proso Millet, seed should be covered from 1/4 inch to one inch deep in soil on a firm, clean, weed free seed bed.

Herbicides: Use any herbicide you generally use on millets or grain sorghums at the recommended rate and method of application.

Fertilization: use 200-500 pounds of 8-12-12 or equivalent plant food per acre. Top dress with 30 to 40 units of Nitrogen per acre when plant reach "shoe-top" height. When using for grazing and hay, increase Nitrogen application to appropriate levels.


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