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Food Plot Success Stories Using
Imperial Whitetail Great Lakes & Midwest USA

Growing A Wild Tomorrow!® An Informational Website From


Phone Business hours - Mon-Fri. 9-5 EST ONLY - Contact via Email

Stories From Great Lakes / Midwest Region
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,
Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

Randy Statz – Wisconsin
Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack have obviously made a positive impact on the deer and the hunting in our area. There is a lot of C.R.P. land in our area that does not offer the quality forage that the Imperial products have to offer. The deer simply come from at least a mile radius to feed on our land. 

Randy Statz With Deer He Killed

We have also noticed that the body size of the deer are larger than before. We definitely plan to continue using Imperial products. Thanks a lot!

Char Speth With Buck Deer She Killed

Char Speth – Illinois
It was just another nice fall day and hunting was on our minds. It was only our second bow season. My husband and I always hunt on trails near Imperial Whitetail Clover areas or the Alfa-Rack areas. Both always have plenty of whitetail to watch.

This day however was different. We both had decided to hunt in the same area for the first time. We were going to be about 45 yards apart so we could watch each other during our hunt & let the other one know if something was approaching from behind them.

About 4:15 pm the action started. A small spike buck came up behind me going straight towards my husband. All of sudden he darted out of the woods by jumping a fence and headed north. We sat quietly, waiting and watching. About 4:25 pm, I called on my radio to let my husband know that a large doe was approaching from behind him on the right side. I could only see the body and legs. Leafy tree limbs hid the top of the deer. As he slowly turned to look, he caught the glimpse of huge antlers.

All of a sudden, it appeared in the middle of us. I was so shocked that it was a big buck rather than a doe. He then took four slow steps towards me. As he got within about ten yards of me he heard something and looked away.

I successfully put the arrow directly in the spine. My husband and I were ecstatic about our first hunt together and the once in a lifetime outcome. The big 8-point buck (typical) net scored with Pope & Young at 141 2/8!!!!!

Rick Sotiropoulos – Illinois
We first planted one bag of Imperial Whitetail Clover and one bag of Alfa-Rack in existing clover fields last spring. We noticed much more feeding in these (3) fields that summer and fall.

The following fall we planted (3) more 2-acre fields. We were totally surprised by mid-October when our fields came up uniform and thick! These (3) fields became a focal point of our deer herd. We actually videoed deer trotting through existing red clover fields to come and feed on the Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack fields.

Deer That were hunted after using imperial food plot products

As you can see from our photographs, we did pretty well this year. In September and October we had several photos of some pretty nice bucks (all taken on Alfa-Rack fields) that we were unable to see during daylight hours, with the exception of a big 207-pound, 9-pointer I took with my bow on October 14th. As November came, the does continued to use our Imperial Alfa-rack plots and the bucks began to follow. On November 14th I arrowed my second big buck, a 190-pound 9-pointer (4 tines over 12”) to end my season. I ended up getting the shot on this buck about 100 yards below an Alfa-Rack field in the evening as he was following several does on their way to feed in the Alfa-Rack plot. (Attract the does and the bucks will follow!)

I’ve enclosed a photo of my 10 year old son, Andy and his first buck. Also a photograph of one we’re looking for this fall. Thanks and we’ll let you know what happens!

Bob Skeen – Indiana
A few years ago I planted Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack. I’ve also put out 30-06 minerals and Cutting Edge. The bucks have gone from 120” class to approximately 140-160”. They appear more in the daylight than usual. And it’s not just my hunting ground. I got a couple of friends that started on Whitetail Institute products and they continue to harvest bigger bucks and see more deer and turkeys. Enclosed is a photo showing the results of good food plots.

Man with deer felled using Whitetail products for food plots

Kevin Fedderke – Illinois
When your Imperial Whitetail Clover came out, my father and I were skeptical but we decided to try a 5-acre bottom food plot. Boy did it ever pay off. The clover came up great and the deer were using it heavily. The deer in the photos were all taken in fencerows, within 200 yards of the clover. I know for a fact, that the Whitetail Clover had a huge impact on these deer. All three deer were over 130 class Boone and Crockett.

Deer Heads Mounted Customer used Whitetail Clover Food Plot

This year we plan to do another 5-acre bottom food plot on the 140 acres my father owns. We know now with proper deer management and nutrition, quality deer are produced. Keep up the good work Whitetail Institute. Satisfied Customer!

Ken Schiller – Michigan
I had a great hunting season thanks to Imperial Clover. I’m convinced your product has played an important part in antler development. I killed the non-typical, 15-point with my bow and he scored 147 4/8. The typical 9-point I took with my muzzleloader. Thanks again!

Imperial Clover Food Plot used to attract these deer

Deer Killed After Using Imperial Food Plot Products

Jeff Rasmussen – Wisconsin
Here’s a picture of an 8-pointer I shot opening morning of gun season coming off a No-Plow plot. This buck had a 21-inch inside spread and field dressed 220 pounds. The D.N.R. aged him at 5-1/2 years old. I had quite a year to remember. First, a 15-pointer (see photo) with a bow and then the wide 8 with a slug gun. I guess the Imperial Clover and No-Plow worked their magic twice.

David McGlone – Michigan
Enclosed are photos of bucks taken this past year, My son, Nathan and I were able to harvest two 8 pointers that we had found their sheds from the previous year.

Our No-Plow fields, 30-06 Plus Protein and Cutting Edge Supplements must be doing an excellent job of attracting and holding deer to our areas because we can find sheds and then harvest the bucks the following year. We are finding sheds from other bucks also.

Our soil is very sandy and acidic but with your help and expertise we have been able to produce some very lush No-Plow fields that the deer just go crazy over.

Keep in mind that our properties are small ranging in size from 20 acres to 160 acres. Most of our No-Plow fields are about 1 acre or less in size but act like magnets to the deer.

Satisfied No Plow Food Plot Customer with His mounted deer.

We started planting No-Plow in the spring also. It makes sense that the bucks need better nutrition after going through a hard winter to grow larger antlers. And the does need better nutrition to produce quality milk when nursing in the spring and summer. The deer also hit our 30-06 and Cutting Edge licks especially hard in the spring. This tells us that they need the minerals, vitamins and nutrients from these products to help restore their bodies after a hard winter.

As to which of your products work the best? All of them as far as I’m concerned. I will certainly continue to use the Whitetail Institute’s products. By passing up the small bucks (let them walk) and using your products for the last 5 years, we are seeing dramatic improvements in the quality of our bucks and deer herd. Thanks! The proof is in the photos. The lower left photo shows our typical bucks before we started using Whitetail Institute products and the other 3 photos show what our typical bucks look like since we started using Whitetail Institute Products.

Large Buck Bagged with Imperial Cutting Edge Products

Mike Baker – Minnesota
I started with a sample pack of the Cutting Edge products. I put out the Optimize first as the directions said for that time of year. I was amazed with the way the deer rearranged the landscape. I had a hill to start my first spot. It’s now a hole down to the rock so I had to move to another spot. I put out the Sustain on a stump that was rather decayed and soft, well now the stump is about gone.

That was a few years ago, and since then I’ve started buying Cutting Edge in the larger quantities. But still use the hill and stump approach, as for location it does not seem to matter where I put it, the deer find it and love it!

The deer I have on my land have shown GREAT improvement in their size and health. Cutting Edge has increased the number of deer on my land. This weekend we are planting your Imperial Clover and some Imperial Alfa-Rack. I know it’s going to make a big difference. So be looking for another picture soon.

Enclosed is a photo of one of the bucks I took last year with my bow. He scored 144-1/4, what a brute! Keep on making great products like these and all the deer will be healthy. Thanks again.

Stuart Hagen – Wisconsin
I shot this buck on October 20, 2002 over a food plot planted with Imperial Whitetail Clover with Golden Jump Start. There were 3 bucks and 8 does on a ¼ acre food plot all at one time. He gross scores around 193” and weighs 225 pounds and has 17 or 18 points depending on whether a point at his base gets scored.

Man With Deer Shot in Imperial Clover Food Plot

Man Bags 2 Bucks Using Imperial 30-06

Art Reuck – Minnesota
Enclosed are pictures of 2 bucks taken by my wife and I. I began using 30-06 Mineral several years ago. My buck weighed 202 pounds and gross scored 156. He was taken after one of the most brutal winters we have ever had.

Then I switched to “generic” mineral. Oh. We saw bucks but not as many with nice racks.  I went back to the 30-06 Mineral but this time tried the 30-06 Plus Protein formula. They used the 30-06 Plus Protein like crazy.

The next fall, my wife shot this 205-pound 10-point buck. Needless to say, I will no longer use “generic” mineral. Oh yes, there is some Imperial Whitetail Clover planted, too.

Kevin Kilgore – Ohio
I use your Imperial Clover, No-Plow, and both 30-06 mineral products to hold and sustain the doe population, which in turn keeps the bucks in concentration and closer by. There is no doubt your products work. I will add a percentage of corn with 30-06. When the corn is gone they paw and eat the ground. I’m primarily a bow hunter enjoying a long season here in Ohio. I can count on a steady flow of deer and that occasional trophy to come my way. Thanks for great products.

Imperial Food Plot Products Helped This Man Get These Trophy Bucks

Lyle Stine – Illinois
Enclosed are pictures of my son, David’s trophy deer and my 14-year-old grandson Ryan Matzka, who both harvested these bucks in November. Ryan’s P&Y buck is his first deer with a bow. David’s deer scored in the 140’s. Both deer were killed within a few hundred yards of our 6-acre Imperial Whitetail Clover field.  

Food Plot Using Imperial Clover Produces 2 Fine Bucks

We have been using the Imperial Whitetail Clover along with the 30-06 mineral for almost 10 years. We have been really pleased with the number of heavy racked bucks seen and harvested. These products along with only harvesting mature bucks, have made a big difference in our deer management program. - All About Planting Food Plots Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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