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Food Plot Success Stories Whitetail North East USA

Growing A Wild Tomorrow!® An Informational Website From

Stories From The Northeast Region

Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Vermont

Mounted Deer Heads On Tree

Bob McAndrew – Pennsylvania
Stop dreaming and start planting. Our club records keep falling. We have been using Imperial Whitetail Clover for five years and the results have been fantastic. Using your products along with sound management has our club producing eye-popping bucks and some unbelievable spring gobblers. I can honestly say that Imperial Clover is a product that delivers on its promise and surpasses it!

Our hunting lodge (7 members) has been hunting the same parcel of land in northeast PA for about 20 years. In the first 15 years we were very successful in harvesting bucks, immature 6 and 8-point bucks with an occasional dandy mixed in the bunch! We were happy with our results but I always felt that our land had the potential to produce some fine bucks. Now all I had to do was convince the other members that we needed to take action!  

Luckily the other members agreed on a new course of management and a food plot program. We started small, planting about 2 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover in the fall. Our results were immediate, that year one of our members harvested a huge 10-point with his bow. It was the third day of the bow season and he caught him sneaking in for a morning feast of Imperial Whitetail Clover. 

In our first year of using Imperial Whitetail Clover the new “club record” was set. Needless to say I had no trouble getting the other members to help planting new fields of Imperial Whitetail Clover.  

We also are using 30-06 Mineral and the sites are “hit” very hard. The sites look like bomb craters.

We now have 8 acres of food plots planted and a new “club record” a 150 class 11-point. Our fields are producing beautiful lush clover. One of our recent guests could not believe the amount of game thriving in our plots. He commented, “It looked like a game farm.” The results have been super; we will be adding another 5 acres this spring. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to make his trophy dreams come true! The body size of our deer is up; antler size has increased to the point that we no longer shoot any deer less than eight points and seventeen inches wide! Tell your readers stop dreaming and start planting. I have sent along a photo for you to enjoy.

After all this praise for Imperial Whitetail Clover, I feel it’s only fair to let you know some of the “bad” things that come along with this product.

  1. Huge taxidermy bills!
  2. Increased stress, deciding whether to shoot the buck in front of you or hold out for a bigger one!
  3. Running out of room in the freezer!
  4. Deciding which of the five gobblers you hear gobbling, to set up on!
  5. Buddies green with envy!

George Hayes – MarylandMan with Buck
I use Cutting Edge mixed with corn and by itself, deer eat it both ways. I also use Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack. On my farm fields the deer feed either in the Imperial Clover, Alfa-Rack or the cornfields. They walk right thru everything else to get to mine.

I killed a 2-½ year old buck on my farm that was a 9 pointer and will gross 140. I would never have expected a buck of this caliber to only be 2 ½. We are trying to only shoot 3 ½ year old bucks or better, which is what I would have sworn this buck was. I have enclosed a picture of the buck with my kids and me. I am convinced the Cutting Edge I put out during the antler growing season contributed to this extraordinary growth. Thank You.  

Victor Liefke Jr. – Maryland
We were listening to local farmers and having trouble getting Imperial Clover established. Then I finally called the Whitetail Institute and spoke with some of the staff. They gave me all the information I needed.

I started over with soil samples and found out our pH was too low and we needed lime. That spring we tried again. The instructions from the staff at the Whitetail Institute were on the money. We planted three, five-acre fields. It was a success thanks to the Whitetail Institute.  

Food Plot With Imperial Clover & Man With Buck

Here is a photo of a 5-acre field last summer. We counted one hundred and twenty eight deer in one evening. We thank you for your help. We are currently passing up small bucks and harvesting a lot more does to try and improve our deer herd.

This is also a photo of a nice buck taken by my cousin, Erich Ravh in archery season last year. It scored 122 5/8. Thanks again, your friend from Maryland.

Fred Colegrove – Pennsylvania
During the antlered deer season, we harvested only 2 bucks on our property. I planted Imperial Clover the following spring and we harvested nine bucks the following season!

One of those is shown in the enclosed photo. A nice ten-point which won the Big Buck contest at our local sporting goods store. It was the largest buck I have ever shot.

I attribute our success to the Imperial Clover I had planted. I used to be a skeptic about products like this, but Imperial Clover really does work. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to see bigger racks and healthier deer.

One Of Nine Buclks Harvested Using Food Plot With Imperial Clover

Dane Edwards – New York
I live in an archery only area and I just planted my third plot of Imperial Whitetail Clover. I wouldn’t waste my time if it didn’t work.  

Food Plot Success Imperial Clover Man Harvested These Bucks

These three bucks were taken from the same stand. I hunt the rut and over the years the does and fawns will leave their beds and feed in the Imperial Clover before dark and will return in the morning to feed again. I can set my watch to it. It’s a waiting game. I will not alarm the does, when you have the girls, they will bring in the boys. I have seen 2-3 Boone & Crocket class bucks each year, but only able to hunt with a bow. If they don’t get close for a shot, all I can do is talk about them. Imperial Whitetail Clover is the tool, try it.

PS. It is the end of May and each afternoon I see 10-15 deer in the Imperial Clover plot and have seen six bucks in velvet and one is a dandy!

Jeff Rosak – Pennsylvania
No-Plow is extremely easy to plant. Germination success is unbelievable. We also have noticed larger average size of deer.

Bryan Fletcher – Maryland
The Imperial No-Plow is great. It grows fast and it is easy to use. All I did was rake off leaves in a small clearing and spread the seed. I have a better concentration of deer now in a small area. I have 22 acres in the middle of a forest. I bring deer in from other properties that surround mine!

John Bender - Pennsylvania
We’ve been very fortunate with our hunting club. We are seeing some really nice deer and are looking forward to a great upcoming year. Both 30-06 and 30-06 Plus Protein have been a big key to our operation. We know both products help us have healthier deer and they are bringing more deer on our property.

We started using 30-06 Mineral about nine years ago when it was first introduced. I’ve been involved in the outdoors for more than 40 years and I’ve seen some trends come and go. I think the first thing we started using was salt blocks. Then that changed and everybody started using mineral blocks. The 30-06 Mineral was a whole different ballgame. The deer just devour it. We started using it in areas where we weren’t using mineral blocks. We came to know that the mineral blocks were a waste of time. The deer were pawing the ground to get more of the 30-06 Mineral and ignoring the mineral blocks we were using.

We know it helps the bone structure of our deer. It has also increased fawn reproduction on our land. Instead of does having just one fawn, they now often have twins or even triplets. Our deer weigh much more than they used to as well.  As you can imagine, these products have also made our members happy too.

We don’t hunt near the sites. We have our property mapped and put our hunters in set positions. Everybody in the club selects where they’re going to hunt, but we don’t put them close to the lick sites.

My son shot a 12-point buck that had a 24-inch inside spread and scored 163 gross points. My son has a wall of trophy bucks. We used to shoot small bucks, but not anymore. We’ve got lots of deer, and bigger deer. Our club members are very happy. 

Michael Clark – Virginia
I have used all three Cutting Edge supplements and the results are the same for all three. The deer have more fawns and healthier looking fawns and the younger bucks have bigger racks.

Buck Harvested From Food plot Using Imperial Products

David Merriman – Pennsylvania
I have noticed more deer feeding in our Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack food plots. I’ve also noticed increased buck activity and several more does feeding in the evening hours. I also have several turkeys visiting and feeding in fields, more than I ever had before using these products. Enclosed is a picture of a buck taken in archery season, Boone & Crocket scored and made Record Books for Pennsylvania archery.


Trophy Bucks harvested from food Plot Using Imperial Clover

Richard Koch – Maryland
I own a 235- acre farm bordering the Potomac River in Riverside, Maryland. My dream has been to create a habitat that will produce trophy whitetail bucks and does.

I was introduced to Imperial Whitetail Clover five years ago. I have a plan; and I plant 5 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover every year. I have my soil tested each year and add proper lime and fertilizer as required.

In my opinion, there is nothing prettier than a field with 15 to 30 whitetail deer feeding in it. We have harvested a few nice bucks off this property in the last five years. Enclosed is a photo that shows two of the bucks. The one on the right has a 24-inch spread and was only 2 ½ years old. I feel very sure that the size of the racks and body weight come from the Imperial Whitetail Clover. Thank you for your help.

Scott Luna – New Jersey
I have had my land for 6 years and none of my club members or I had ever harvested a trophy buck on this land. I don’t have the machinery or the money my neighbor has to build plots or ponds. I needed something to bring the deer into my property and keep them from leaving or get them to come back! Cutting Edge was it!

After listening to your sales rep. and reading about your product, I decided to try it. I must tell you after mixing the Cutting Edge Optimize with corn and grain, I have seen more deer on the property than in all the years that we’ve had it. The holes the deer have dug are amazing. We managed to harvest two of the largest deer taken in that area in many years. We have also spotted several other nice young bucks that will be ready for harvest next year.

We definitely noticed a difference on this land using the Cutting Edge. We will continue this program for next season as well as many more to come on our other club properties in the tri-state area!

Randy Willow – PennsylvaniaMan With Buck Raised on Imperial Food Plot Products
I’ve sown Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack and the racks have shown up and the antlers have gone from spike and small 4-pointers to 6-8 pointers. The deer and yearling bucks are heavier in body size and antlers.

We got this buck (see photo) on the farm this year and several more like it were seen. That’s a first in 5 or 10 years. I tried your Cutting Edge Optimize and the deer dug a huge hole in the ground. I also tried other minerals – big mistake – the deer hardly touched them. I’ve been using minerals probably for 25 years and yours is by far the best. Turkey just love the Imperial Whitetail Clover too.

Michael Emerson – Vermont
Since I planted Alfa-Rack we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of deer and their weights and antler size. My father shot a real nice 8-point 18 ½” inside spread. I shot a nice 10-point 19 3/4” inside spread and was only 2 ½ years old.

Bucks Raised on Imperial Products Food Plots

Keith Updike – Maryland
Our family has a 315-acre farm on the eastern shore of Maryland. We have been hunting our farm since it was purchased about 25 years ago. I would say about half is woods and half is fields. All of our land is very low and wet. About 2 years ago we put our fields in the Conservation Reserve program. We mixed Imperial Whitetail Clover in all of our filter strips around the edge of our fields.

One of our fields is about 6 acres and it is next to a 50-acre thicket. It was a pine forest that was logged off of about 20 years ago and there are not many trees big enough to hold a deer stand so we don’t go in there much. We hunt the edges. We planted the 6 acres in Imperial Whitetail Clover and limed and fertilized heavily. Well, it came up great and there are 35-40 deer in that field every day about half an hour before sunset, probably more after dark.

My Dad hunted the Imperial Clover on opening day and took this nice 8 (9 with kicker) point (see photo). I was so impressed with your product; I planted another 9-acre field with Imperial Clover the following fall.

On opening day I killed a big 12-point (15 with kickers) in the same field (see photo). Both deer were killed within 30 yards of each other. It is a lot of fun to hunt our farm now. Thanks for your great products!

We have a new rule; only bucks 18 inches or better or really high. If you aren’t going to mount it, don’t shoot it.

Planting Imperial Whitetail Clover was the best thing we’ve done for our farm. The turkeys love it too. Next spring we are going to turkey hunt for the first time on our farm. We never used to see turkeys until we planted your clover. I can’t say enough about your product. Keep up the good work.

Frank DeVuono – New York
I’ve been using Imperial Whitetail Clover for several years and I feel it, along with good deer management, has made this story possible and helped produce the bucks you see in the photographs. The deer use the Imperial Clover daily.

I had high hopes for the hunting season in New York. In late August I caught several bucks on my Cam Tracker camera. The non-typical is an eleven point that grossed 131 and the typical is an eleven point that grossed 171. I tried to pattern both of these bucks along with a third buck that looked to be a solid 150 buck over the next two months.  

Food Plot Reaised Buck Harvested

I arrowed the non-typical on October 15th at 9:00. The buck weighed 216 pounds dressed and grossed 131.

I now had a month wait for our slug gun season. On November 20th, the opening day of slug gun season. I was hunting a ground blind overlooking an old scrub field. I had seen two 8-points early in the morning and several does. At 2:00 pm I saw the monster typical 11-point chasing a doe. They were in the thick scrub field 800 yards away. There was good cover between us so I decided to go after him. The buck continued to chase the doe back and forth through the old scrub field. I stalked and jogged my way to cut the distance between us. I got within 150 yards of them, kneeled in the scrub field and steadied my gun on my left knee. I was just about to shoot, when I decided to try grunting the doe. I grunted and she started coming right at me. She winded me at about 75 yards and she began to quarter to her left. The buck followed and I squeezed. The buck dropped, but got back up and ran into a barrage of shots. I hit the monster a little low in the shoulder and had to shake the hand of the hunter who put the buck down. The buck grossed 171 with little deductions. This whole episode took its toll on me.

Over the next couple weeks, I hunted passing up several marginal bucks waiting for an opportunity at a mature on. On December 9th my chance came. I did a session of horn rattling and shortly after I saw the huge white-racked buck cutting the center of a golden rod field between the wood line and me. I focused my range finder on the center of the golden rod field where I thought the buck would cross, and it read 125 yards. I got a stable rest and waited for the buck to cross and squeezed. The buck flinched up and ran about 80 yards and fell. I ran through the golden rod and recovered a beautiful 10-point that grossed 157. This put an end to my story buck season.

Imperial Clover Food Plot Produced This Buck

Terry Betteridge - Connecticut

This buck is an Imperial Whitetail Clover eater. I shot it leaving the clover. It was only 10 yards away when I shot it with my bow, and it scores about 150 gross. And two perfect 130-class 8-points walked under me just ahead of the big one. My son shot one that pales this deer.

I began using Imperial Whitetail products five years ago, mostly Imperial Clover. I’ve been a klutzy bow hunter for nearly 40 years who’s success has grown with Imperial Clover. There were five deer in velvet in one of my food plots before the season. Bucks always look massive when they’re in velvet, but these were massive. All five were larger than the deer I killed. You should see the sheds I’ve picked up, they’re amazing.

Right now (February), the deer are digging down through two feet of snow to get to the clover and eating the stems down to the ground. One of the great things about this stuff is you see deer all the time. It concentrates them. It’s great in September because the bucks come out during the day and you can see what you’re hunting.

Ken Eastman - Vermont

Habitat Consultant Chooses Imperial Clover For Food Plots

Habitat Consultant With Buck Bagged Using Imperial Food Plot Products

For 25 years Ken Eastman of Vermont has worked in the field of wildlife habitat enhancement. Clients, usually deer hunters, call Eastman and hire his consulting services. He visits with the client, studies the landscape, soils, available forages and habitat, looks at surrounding land and submits his recommendations. Many clients are interested only in deer nutrition, so Eastman makes a lot of suggestions on food plot products.

“Up here (in New England),” Eastman explained, “farmers used to plant clover for cattle. Clover was the base food and it (supported) a lot of deer. But now many farms are gone and the ones still here don’t plant clover anymore.

Eastman gets a lot of business from hunters who simply want to see more deer on their property. His clients, from all over the New England states, often experience low deer densities. So Eastman goes in looking for ways to attract and hold more deer on the properties.

“You plant Imperial Whitetail Clover and the deer will come,” Eastman stated without hesitation. “I recommend Imperial Clover whenever I can. It’s so much higher in protein than native clover and the deer love it. It puts a lot of weight on the deer.

“And when I look for potential food plots, I like to plant a lot of small plots rather than one big plot. The deer feel more secure. They usually only have to run 25 yards to get to cover. In a big plot, the deer aren’t that close to safety.”

One of Eastman’s clients typifies the results of Imperial Clover.

Steve Hopko deer hunts on 100 acres not far from Hartford, Conn. For 11 years Hopko and his wife rarely saw a deer on the property. And in that time, they never harvested a deer on the parcel.

Three years ago Eastman recommended the Hopkos plant three acres of Imperial Clover and a little Alfa-Rack. This past season proved the worth of the Imperial products.

“They never shot a deer in 11 years,” Eastman said. “But this year Steve shot a 225-pound 10-point and killed a 155-pound 8-point with a bow. And his wife took a 216-pound 8-point. Their neighbor got a picture of an even bigger buck.

“They never really saw any deer until they planted the clover.”

Hopko also saw other healthy bucks after he filled his tags. Not bad considering deer were nearly non-existent on his property prior to planting Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack.

Steve Hopko of Stratford Springs, Conn., holds a 225-pound 10-point he shot last season. Hopko and his wife also harvested two 8-points. For over a decade, Hopko didn’t have deer on his property and never shot a deer on the 100-acre parcel. Then three years ago, the Hopkos started planting Imperial Clover, and now the hunting is excellent. - All About Planting Food Plots Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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