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Success Stories - Whitetail Food Plot Products
From The Plains & Western USA

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Stories From Plains / West Region

Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Travis Stephen, TB Outfitters - Kansas
Five years ago, before we started using Initiate, about 10 percent of our mature bucks scored up to 150 or 160. Now, 60 to 70 percent of our mature bucks score over 150. Out mature buck weight has gone up close to 50 pounds per deer.

Buck Harvested Grown With Food Plots By Imperial Buck Harvested Grown With Food Plots By Imperial

We’ve got a 1-1/2-year-old that scores 120. Actually, he was a late fawn and isn’t even that old. A 2-1/2-year-old was found dead on our property that scored about 150. And we’ve got a 3-1/2-year-old that scores 180 with a 10-inch drop tine. All of them have been hitting the Initiate!

They hit the Initiate right off the bat. In some cases, half of it is gone after the first evening we put it out. I can’t say it enough, the stuff works great! We found eight sheds last year that scored 75 to 80 for one side.

I just saw (the product) in a magazine and decided to try it. We’ve had great luck with it. It worked so good we decided to try Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack. We’ve got five acres of clover and about 1-1/2 acres of Alfa-Rack, and the deer keep them mowed down. A client shot a 155-class, 15-point in the clover field this season. But the Initiate got everything going.

Jerry Connelly – OklahomaImperial Supplement Products Grew This Huge Buck
Seven years ago we started pushing the 30-06 Plus Protein and Cutting Edge minerals hard. We’re dry. We can barely get wheat to grow. We just don’t have anything for the deer. Besides a little wheat, there is a little alfalfa in the lowlands, but that’s it. So supplements work better than planting food plots. The deer love the minerals. I’ve got holes (lick sites) as big as a couch. They just keep coming back for it. And I’ve definitely seen an increase in our antler size. Our average score is up 12 to 15 percent compared to seven years ago.

Four of the top 10 and three out of the top five mule deer ever killed in Oklahoma have come off my land. One non-typical scored 242 B&C and had a 36-inch inside spread. Another typical mule deer scored in the 180-range. We’ve also produced three whitetails that score over 200 gross (180-190 net). One gross scores 225!

One day 3 years ago, our outfit harvested 16 bucks. Two scored in the 160-class, one scored 182 and one huge buck scored 190. Five years ago, we shot 36 bucks. 16 scored over 150, and three muleys scored over 160!

We hunt over the mineral licks. And all our feeders are near licks.

We’ve got some monsters. Our average body weight has remained stable, but the minerals made a big difference in antler size.

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Dan Edwin – Washington
After researching Alfa-Rack, I figured I’d give it a try. I had used other stuff in the past and wanted something better. First, I had to see how it grew and to see how much the deer preferred it over other plantings I had tried. I put an irrigated plot next to my horse barn. The grouse wouldn’t leave the stuff initially. They would hunch down and wouldn’t leave it.

The Alfa-Rack is tender. It’s not shooty like other alfalfa. The deer like it so much that my plots look like a fairway on a golf course. The deer wouldn’t even leave the plot when I was 50 or 60 yards away. They would slowly walk away and look back at me. I knew at that point they liked Imperial Alfa-Rack. Another thing I like about the Alfa-Rack is it comes up earlier than anything else. In the winter you can brush the snow back and there’s green alfalfa and clover.

I do have one plot that I irrigate. The plots are pretty concealed, so the deer can use the plots in the middle of the day. I have about a 20-acre field in one place, but you can see it from the highway. I had people who would shoot at the deer from the highway, so I plowed it up.

I’ve also used the 30-06 quite a bit. I have huge mineral licks. Once the deer start using the mineral lick sites, they go crazy. I’ll have a hole two or three feet deep. I’ve had them uproot trees near my mineral licks. That’s also been a real key. The mass on the deer is the biggest thing I’ve noticed since I started using the mineral.

The deer are concentrated on the food plot fields. They are going to go to the grocery store, and that’s the grocery store. They definitely like your products. I don’t even have to clip the Alfa-Rack.

Two years ago I killed a buck that gross scored just under 200 Boone & Crockett points. I had seen him before and made him my goal.

I had made another buck his goal before I shot the 200-inch buck. After chasing the buck for years, I bagged  him and he was 11-1/2 years old and scored 178 points.

Keith Williams - Nebraska
I have 64 acres in Nebraska that I bought in 1992. The property was mostly broken timber surrounded by CRP and pastures. I thought the property had the potential to hold deer, but over the first year, never really saw more than two or three at a time. And the larger bucks only scored 90 to 100.

I had a clearing of approximately 2.5 acres. So I planted it with Imperial Whitetail Clover in the spring of 1993. The clover came up excellent. Since then I have had either clover or Alfa-Rack on the property every year. Deer numbers on my property have increased to the point that I have to do some serious management. And if I was to go a season without seeing at least two trophy bucks in the 130 to 150 range, I would think something was wrong. All three of my children have taken bucks that most veteran hunters would envy.

Kevin Neujahr – Nebraska
I started using Cutting Edge in April and could see improvement in the fall. I took, during muzzleloader season in Nebraska, a 2-1/2 year old buck with 21-˝ inch inside spread that scored high 140’s to low 150’s. The Cutting Edge has helped both does and bucks to be in good condition.

Monster Buck Deer

MONSTER Buck is Still Alive & Still Eating Imperial Clover

 How would you feel if you KNEW a 200-class typical buck was frequenting your property? Even the most experienced hunters would have a hard time controlling the hurricane of emotions that would constantly swirl in their minds.

Jeff May of southeastern Iowa knows how he would feel. Over the past three deer seasons, that hurricane of emotions has tormented his mind. A single shed found three years ago started the storm, and a couple trail camera pictures and three personal sightings have helped the storm grow. A monster roams May’s property.

May had owned his 41 wooded acres for five years before he found “The Shed.” One day he picked up a massive antler that scored a remarkable 104-6/8 gross. That same year, he planted a food plot of Imperial Whitetail Clover. The following deer season, he caught the deer on film and saw the monster buck twice in one day chasing a doe around his property. He was larger than the previous year.

Last year, the buck did not show himself to a camera or person. May, and the people in the local town, assumed the deer had died. Then in mid October, May’s trail camera caught the huge deer at night, apparently moments after he had made a scrape on May’s property, not far from the Imperial Clover. The buck was larger than he had ever been! Some have estimated the deer to score over 200 net typical, which would approach the Hanson buck which holds the typical world record at 213-5/8 B&C.

“The buck has become more typical every year,” May explained, “which is kind of odd.”

In an effort to make his small property as enticing as possible, May planted more Imperial Clover on the only remaining ground on his property that could be planted.

“The deer really like Imperial Clover,” May said. “I’m sure the big buck is coming in the plot at night. He’s probably almost completely nocturnal except during the rut.

“We don’t hunt on the plot. We hunt trails to the plot so we don’t burn it out. And we’ve taken a 152-class buck and several other nice bucks! I’ve seen a 150-class 10-point this year. My son (16 years old) has killed a 150-class buck near the food plot. I’ve also had really good results with turkeys in the plot.

“I’ve got six acres of CRP with grass head high. We never walk through it. I’m hoping it acts as a sanctuary for the big buck. But when the CRP contract is up in five years, I’m planting all of it in Imperial Clover.”

May has done just about everything he can do to attract the huge deer to his small acreage.

According to May, only two other people have seen the buck. But word has spread and people from around the country have been calling May and offering quite a bit of money to hunt the buck.

“I think I’m just going to hunt it myself,” May said. “But all those offers are tempting.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky one of these days and catch him out in daylight chasing a doe.”

Megan Waters - Oklahoma

Okie Girl Takes 17-point

On opening day of gun season my dad woke me up at 4 in the morning so we could be in our deer blind when the sun came up. After walking to the blind we put out some doe scent so the deer could not smell us. As the morning went by we saw some does and smaller bucks on the No-Plow that we had planted on my grandma’s field. My dad told me that I could shoot at any of the deer we saw, and there was a big one running around the farm that I could shoot if we saw him.

After we went to my grandma's house to eat lunch, we went back to the farm. We walked back to the blind and were putting out more doe scent. I saw a deer on a hill across the draw eating in the middle of the food plot that we had planted a month earlier. I told dad what I saw and when he saw it, he told me to try to call it in with the antlers. Just as soon as I started rattling the antlers the buck started running to us.

Before we could get into the blind the buck was right in front of us. My dad told me to take the deer, that it was a big one. As we waited for it to walk between the trees my knees were shaking. I had shot a 6-pointer the year before. Dad told me to take a deep breath and shoot. It looked so big when I saw it in the scope. My dad was starting to get nervous. He said later that he was about to shoot it because he thought I was going to wait too long.

As I shot, all I could see was a blur. My dad started yelling that I had gotten the buck. As we walked over to it my dad said he could not believe I had shot such a big deer. He had shot a 10-point the year before, but it was not as big as mine.

When we checked it in, the man helping us said it weighed 163 pounds and had 17 points. Everyone there was picking on dad because I shot a bigger deer than he has ever taken. Dad says we are going to plant more food plots next year.

Steven Moak – Missouri
We have been using Imperial Whitetail Clover on this property for three years and we are extremely satisfied with the results. These bucks were both taken on the afternoon of November 5th in western Missouri. The huge frame 8-point was taken by Chuck S. of Maryland and grossed 155 inches. The 10-point was taken by Steve Moak of Missouri and grossed just over 160.

THree Trophy Buck Raised on Imperial Clover Food Plots

We have approximately 19 acres planted in Imperial Clover and the deer literally live there throughout the summer. It is critical not to shoot young bucks, in fact neither of us shot a buck on this property last season. If you supply your deer with the nutrition they need, let them reach maturity, you can then enjoy the benefits of the bucks reaching their genetic potential. Thanks again for your great products.

12 Point Buck From Imperial White Clover Food Plot

George Gasper – Missouri
Hi, hope all is well. As you can see, things are good here! This is a picture of the 12-point Missouri whitetail I shot this year. He “green” scored 165 inches.

I started using Imperial Whitetail Clover in the spring of 3 years ago. I saw immediate results. Two years later I planted a larger plot of Alfa-Rack just 50 yards from my Imperial Clover. I can honestly say through many hours of observation, the deer visit my property every day.

This buck was shot just a few yards away from my fields. There is no question what so ever, the Whitetail Institute’s products are attracting and producing more deer as well as better quality bucks. Thanks again.

Travis Rider – Oklahoma
Hi! My name is Travis Rider and I live in Seminole, Oklahoma. I shot this 7-point on October 29, 2001. I shot it with my muzzleloader. Like I said it is a 7-point, it had an 18 ˝ inch inside spread. I shot it on a field planted with Imperial Alfa-Rack and Imperial Whitetail Clover. We also have another field planted with Imperial No-Plow and also have 30-06 Mineral supplements out. I give the Whitetail Institute full credit for bringing in this big buck. Thank You!

Boy With Deer Shot in Imperial Food Plot

Boy With Trophy Buck Used Imperial Food Plot Products

Derrick Livingston – Iowa
My Dad saw this buck last year in our Alfa-Rack food plot. He told me, “Son, if that buck makes it one more year we will have a wall hanger.”

Scouting the following fall during the Iowa early muzzleloader season, my Dad saw him as did I. Neither of us had a good shot at him though. Our shotgun season opened and I decided that I was only going to hunt that one buck. I hunted Saturday and Sunday and passed up two small bucks. Come Monday, I was thinking someone else must have gotten the wall hanger. But not giving up I sat all day Monday. Finally at 4:00 pm the wall hanger and a doe came by my stand near the Alfa-Rack food plot. Well, the wall hanger is now on my wall.

I am sure glad that my Dad did not shoot him the year before. It shows you what one more year, good food plots and a lot of patience can do.

Clint Tegtmeier – Kansas
Here in Northeast Kansas and southeast Nebraska we have a lot of deer. I started using 30-06 minerals with the idea of helping my young bucks mature into larger bucks by their 4th or 5th year. But in less than 2 years I think it has helped improve the size of the older bucks. After one year we harvested an 11 point, 172 inch buck.

Then the next fall we took a 12-point, 181-inch drop tine buck (see photo). I have seen 2 other bucks that would score in the 180 range. Thank you for a great product, 30-06 mineral.

David Brothers – Missouri
First of all I would like to thank you all for your excellent products for whitetail deer. I have seen and heard about your products for a few years now, but never really gave them much thought. I have always planted wheat, oats and a little of everything. Then I met this guy named Mike Wheeler from Missouri. Mike got to telling me about all the bucks he has taken with his bow & arrow, he also showed me picture’s or I would not have believed one bow hunter could be so successful. So I asked him what made it so easy for him to harvest so many Pope & Young bucks. Mike told me a lot of hard work and Imperial Whitetail Clover. Mike said the old saying (plant it and they will come). So after knowing Mike for a season and seeing him harvest another Pope & Young buck and me just getting a glimpse of one I thought I would give the Imperial Clover a try. I called Mike up and he went step by step on what to do and how to do it. He stressed on how I should not skip any of the steps, because it’s better to do it right the first time and get 3 to 5 years than it only lasting one year. After getting the clover planted and seeing it come up the way it did, I was excited for bow season to get here. 

Boy With Buck Killed in Food Plot

Finally October 1st, man did I ever see the deer, in all I probably saw 7 Pope & Young bucks and 3 bucks that would make Boone & Crocket. That’s something I never in a million years would ever dreamed of. The best day of all was November 11th. It was a cold morning and it hadn’t been daylight but 5 or 10 minutes when a 10 pointer was heading towards me, when the buck got to my Imperial Clover field I was at full draw but the buck never really gave me a good clean shot so I elected not to risk it. Then about 7:30 am I heard some deer running towards me. It was a big buck chasing a doe coming right towards my clover field. I got up and ready but they wouldn’t slow down enough to give me a good shot until they got to the edge of my clover field, the buck stopped, I got at full draw and let the buck have it. The buck bolted about 60 yards and laid down. I was 100% sure I made a good clean shot but I wasn’t going to take any chances so I was going to wait at least 1 hour until I went and got the buck.

While I was waiting I couldn’t believe my eyes, I watched a 12-pointer walk out in my clover that would of scored at least 180 or 190 Boone & Crocket inches. After eating my Imperial Clover for what seemed like a lifetime (probably 10 or 15 minutes) the buck walked off.

Finally the 1-hour was up and out of the stand I came and here is what I found. The buck was a 15 pointer and will score in the 170’s. Thanks Whitetail Institute.

P.S. Remember Mike’s favorite saying. Plant it and they will come!!!

Kenneth Buchheit – Missouri
Prior to using your Imperial Clover and No-Plow we only saw 5 deer total. After using your products during the 1st bow season we averaged 8 deer per day and buck sightings increased. Since then we have taken at least one 8-point every rifle season and all had tremendous body size for the area we hunt in. Once the food plots were established deer sightings during bow season tripled making the wait enjoyable.

Jason Jackson - Oklahoma
I’ve used more of the Cutting Edge than anything else. I started using it two years ago on the land that we lease. We’re very fortunate to have this lease program. Most of the surrounding land consists of creek bottoms that are surrounded by prairies. We mainly have wooded tracts of land.

We’ve always seen deer and a lot of bucks, but not real big deer. Most of our big deer were in the 130-class, but we wanted more mass on our bucks. The Cutting Edge not only helps the does stay healthy, but it also helps the antler mass on our bucks.

My brother shot a 173-inch non-typical the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We’re now seeing a lot of bucks in the 150-inch class. We were seeing 130-inch deer and now they’re 20 inches larger on average. Cutting Edge definitely works.

The biggest deer I’ve taken scored 135 inches. I’ve seen much larger, but haven’t gotten them within archery range. If the deer isn’t going on the wall, I don’t shoot it. In addition to his 170-inch monster, my brother also shot a 150-inch deer. Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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