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Food Plot Success Stories - Southern USA
Imperial Whitetail Products

Growing A Wild Tomorrow!® An Informational Website From

Stories From The Southern Region

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, 
Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia 

Frank McGill – Alabama
Your article in Whitetail News last year about the record books for deer was awesome. The article basically said that since people started using Whitetail Institute products and practicing what you guys preach (sound deer management) that hunters are four-five times as likely to harvest a record book class animal. I wanted to write and tell you that we’re experiencing the same kind of results.  

Mounted Buck Deer Head

We had never killed a record book class animal off our property before we started using Whitetail Institute products. Since we started using them we have killed five Pope and Young book deer and another that qualified for the Alabama Record book. We started by planting Imperial Clover and No-Plow and the results were outstanding. We immediately started seeing more deer and within a year or two we started seeing obviously larger racked bucks and healthier deer overall. We also started using 30-06 Mineral and 30-06 Plus Protein with, again great results. We’ve got licks that the deer have dug out as big as the hood of a car.

Two years ago we also started using your Cutting Edge products and things just continue to get better. We’ve actually seen deer on occasion pass up straight corn to go to your Cutting Edge products. That was astounding. I never thought I’d see deer pass up corn for anything but they do. The results we’re getting speak for themselves. 

We’re seeing more deer (over 60 at one time on one of our clover fields along with a flock of turkeys) The six bucks that qualify for the Record Books show that the quality of our deer has drastically improved. We practice what you guys preach. We let young bucks walk and we feed them the best, (Whitetail Institute products). We feel that having the best food out all year especially during the spring and summer antler growing months has made the difference. Thanks!

Man With Buck Shot in Food Plot

Man with Mounted Deer

Floyd Miller – Florida
I shot this buck on November 11, 2000. He is a 9 pointer that weighed 200 pounds. Two does were in the No-Plow food plot when he came out after them.

James Galloway – Alabama
I planted 2 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover and it did real good for 5 years before we had to replant it. Here is a picture of a deer I killed on our club where the Imperial Clover was planted. It weighted 196 pounds and is an 8 point that scores 139 ¾ B & C.  

Everett Carraway – Mississippi
I want to thank everyone at the Whitetail Institute for the wonderful products you provide and all the help you’ve given that has allowed me to get the most out of your products. My family has had incredible success with your products.

Deer Racks & Buck Attracted To Food Plot

Check Out Imperial Whitetail Products in Menu or View & Buy At our Online Store

My father owns about 120 acres where I live in central Mississippi. We began planting Imperial Whitetail Clover in the fall of ’98 on a couple of acres. In the 20 years that I’ve lived here I can only recall seeing two bucks on this property prior to planting Imperial Clover. We saw several bucks the first year we planted clover. We had so many deer coming to the Imperial Clover that it never got more than a couple of inches tall. Since then, we have continued to put more open land into Imperial Clover, and we continue to draw more bucks to our property. Since buying a wildlife camera in July I have taken pictures of no less than 15 different bucks in and around the Imperial Clover. I took 18 rolls of film in the first six months I had the camera. Not only does the Imperial Clover attract deer, the number of turkeys we have coming to our place has exploded. I’ve seen as many as 23 at one time in a plot of less than one acre.

I must admit that I’ve tried some other products since I was first introduced to Imperial. I’ve probably tried a dozen other products, but nothing has compared to Imperial’s drawing power, forage production or resistance to our unpredictable weather. I’ve even had several feeders up on our place with corn and dairy pellets; as long as there’s Imperial Clover growing, the deer won’t touch the feeders.

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your great products and all the help you continue to provide for getting the most out of those products.

Man With Harvested 3 Year Old Buck Man With Buck Shot in Imperial Clover Food Plot

Dewayne E. Mikel – Tennessee
I can only say in 3 years of Imperial Clover, Alfa-Rack and 30-06 Mineral Supplements our fawns are huge! Everyone commented this fall about it. We have 4 large bucks that are “home grown”. Picture enclosed of a 3 year old – see for yourself! Also, every turkey I’ve killed was full of Imperial Clover.

Norman Nevitt- Kentucky
I planted 2 plots of Imperial No-Plow and 1 of Imperial Whitetail Clover with great success. Here is a picture of an example of the results. I have also seen deer come through a field of red clover and never eat until they get to the Imperial Whitetail Clover. I have been hunting on this farm for 53 years and I have seen more deer since I started using Whitetail Institute products. We also see a lot of turkeys in the fields. - All About Planting Food Plots

Brad Stutes – LouisianaYoung Man With Buck Shot in No Plow Food Plot
We’ve been using your No-Plow in Alabama for 8 years and we’ve had fantastic results. We’ve killed well over 100 trophy bucks that were eight point or better. The quality of the deer has improved drastically since using Whitetail Institute products. We’re seeing bucks that have more mass and they score higher on the B&C scale. We’ve seen 16 deer at one time on many occasions and I saw 11 bucks on one No-Plow field at one time.

We have land in Alabama and Louisiana and our results are just as good in Louisiana as Alabama. We couldn’t be more pleased.

As I mentioned we’ve killed over 100 trophy bucks but one of our all time favorites was harvested this year. A friend of mine son, Josh Trahan who is 12 years old and an excellent hunter harvested a great nine point (see photo) on one of our No-Plow fields.

Keep up the good work.

Woman With 2 Buck Deer She Bagged Man With 10 Pt Buck

Stanley Ouzts – Alabama
Deer walked past wheat and rye to feed on the Imperial Clover. The enclosed photo show two deer my wife Sheri took last year.

Jim Capps – Georgia
This ten point was taken in Carroll County, Georgia. He was heading toward an Alfa-Rack field that was being used regularly by a number of does and smaller bucks. An almost identical, slightly smaller buck was taken the next year in the same area.

Toney Soard – Kentucky
Since I’ve been using Whitetail Institute products I have seen an increase in the deer population. The deer are bigger and healthier. Also I have seen an increase in the antlers. I use all Whitetail Institute products and have been completely satisfied. I took this deer while he was chewing on Imperial Clover. Thanks for the great products you guys have developed.  

Man with Buck Taken in Imperial Clover Food Plot

Man & Boy With 8 pt Deer

Ben Watson – Louisiana
Enclosed you will find a picture of the nice 8-point I took on our family property near St. Joseph, LA. That’s my nephew, Parks, in the picture with me.

I’ve been using 30-06 Mineral Supplement and 30-06 Plus Protein for several years now, and I believe our herd has benefited from its use. Also last fall I made the decision to try your Imperial Whitetail Clover. We’ve been practicing a form of QDM for quite a while now, but until recent years, the good deer we took still did not have much tine length. While the deer is not a monster, its G-2’s are both between 9 and 10 inches and it’s got a 17-inch inside spread. A 10-point came off of the property last year with even longer tines. Every time I’ve gone to check the Imperial Clover, I find deer beds in it and nipped stems where they’ve obviously been feeding on it. I’ll be planting more Imperial Clover this fall and hopefully I’ll have more pictures for you!

Benji White – Mississippi
In September of 1997, I planted my first plot of Imperial Clover. That season I saw many deer on the plot, and I harvested five or six deer while hunting it, see photos. Regrettably, I have been trying other food plot blends. As you can guess, I haven’t seen the quantity nor the quality deer as before.

Buck Deer, Man & Son With Buck, Man with Buck

After many let downs, I’m going back to a product that works – Imperial Whitetail Clover. I’ve enclosed a picture of a deer that I’ve not been fortunate enough to take. This spring, I planted a plot of Imperial Clover and I’ll plant more this fall. I can’t wait to see what this buck looks like after being on Imperial Clover this year.

David Blevins – Kentucky
I planted two small plots of No-Plow in the center of 57 wooded acres. Plots were cleared by hand and No-Plow is the only product, which would grow. We plant in August and fields last thru June/July. We took two 130 class Pope & Young bucks within 100 yards of the fields (8-point and 10-point). In spring, turkeys visit the fields daily.

My Dad killed his 1st Tom in one field opening day. The best product on the market for man-made food plots. Period!

J.C. Dillman – Virginia
I have been using your No-Plow, Imperial Clover and 30-06 Mineral for 3-1/2 years. Your products have really increased our number of deer, especially good bucks. It has also kept the turkeys on our property. I tell everyone I know who hunts about your products.

Jamey Sickafoose - Alabama
I had No-Plow planted 40 yards from my tree stand. I had some left over from planting it on another property and brought it to this awful looking soil that was so sandy that nothing should grow in it. The No-Plow came up and, of course, the deer kept it mowed down. I shot a 197-7/8 non-typical that was on the cover of Rack magazine. The article was also in Buckmasters magazine. Nine days later on that same I shot a 12-point buck that scored 153 Boone & Crockett points.

I’m sure the No-Plow kept the deer around. I know for a fact that the 153 was in the field, because for three weeks in a row a deer with a club foot was coming to the No-Plow field. The 153-inch buck had a clubbed right foot.

During a drought we didn’t have honeysuckles or acorns, but the trails to the No-Plow were unreal. They kept it mowed to the ground. It’s made a 100 percent difference with the number of deer we are seeing and the size of the deer. People around us have green fields, so we knew we had to get something that would attract the deer. That’s when I heard about the No-Plow, and I knew it would be a good choice for us on this property.

The biggest food plot is 1-1/2 acres and the smallest plot is an acre.

No-Plow is the ticket if you can’t get a tractor into the property. It was well worth all that work that we had done.

I never dreamed that I would take two trophy bucks like this in Alabama. I was convinced my only hope at magazine-quality bucks would be in Ohio, where my two brothers live and hunt, or Iowa, where some friends and I hunted a couple of years ago.

Wayne Bryant – Texas
Cutting Edge is great. I’ve used other minerals in the past, and deer wouldn’t eat them. I saw first hand 3 bucks come in to a feed area, pass up corn and go straight to the Cutting Edge mineral hole and eat for 3 to 5 minutes, one at a time.

Jim Osburn - Arkansas
I belong to a 1600-acre lease in southern Arkansas. Seven years ago I wanted to try a quality deer management plan but none of the member in the club wanted to do it.

Deer hunters are so skeptical. They are always skeptical of products. And they never want to spend the money for good products. They buy cheap annuals like ryegrass, wheat or oats and plant every year, and it ends up costing them more in the long run compared to planting a good perennial. I wanted to try Imperial Whitetail Clover but couldn’t get the rest of the club to go for it.

So I planted a quarter-acre plot right behind an old farmhouse I own just a few hundred yards away from the club property line.

Deer would be in that clover field at all times of the day. We counted 17 deer in that little quarter acre one day.

After that, I planted some of the old logging roads that ran through “my” part the lease. I pulled in deer from all over the area. I had deer all over my area and the other guys weren’t seeing anything. And they were only 500 yards away!

I just planted the Imperial Clover to set an example and get them to follow me. I planted other stuff, and the deer wouldn’t touch it. We now plant Imperial Clover all over the lease.

Seven years ago, during the first season of the club’s management plan, we harvested 72 deer with an average weight of 85 pounds. Even mature does weighed less than 100 pounds. Before we started planting Imperial Clover, an excellent buck weighed 150 pounds. Last year a member of the club killed a 13-point that weighed close to 180 pounds. That’s the biggest antlered buck we’ve ever seen (net score in the 140s). We also got an 8-point that weighed 210 pounds. Our average kill is now around 130 pounds. And that’s great for Arkansas.

And all of this really happened since we started planting the clover. It’s like we have a different herd. And every time a deer comes to the clover, it seems like it comes back with a friend. We’re pulling deer off our neighbors land like you wouldn’t believe. We killed over 50 deer last year! A 2000-acre lease that borders us killed six.

James McCann – Tennessee
The No-Plow is by far the best product I’ve ever tested. The deer in my area just go crazy over it and it withstands heavy grazing. I’ve seen some amazing results in antler size in my area as well as body size. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Dennis Brabham – Texas
The property we hunt is rocky with very little top soil but No-Plow does grow and the deer love it. 30-06 Plus Protein draws them in also. Horns have improved, bodies get larger and overall activity improves. Drawing deer from other properties is a big plus as well. The 10 hunters harvest 8-10 bucks that score 130 to 150 each year.

W. Jordan and Darrell Alford - South Carolina

Man With Huge Buck He Bagged & Man with Buck Huge Rack

Non-typical on Imperial Clover

J.W. Jordan

I have been using Imperial products now for about four years at sites in Chester, Greenville and Laurens counties in South Carolina. Prior to that time, I had planted a fall game mix and iron clay peas.

When I started using Whitetail Institute products, I initially planted No-Plow and put out some 30-06 Mineral Supplement. The next year, I continued to improve my deer nutrition program by putting in several half- to three-quarter-acre plots of Imperial Whitetail Clover.

Early on, these plots suffered some because of a drought. But with time and the
end of the drought, these products are now growing very well. I have since added some
PowerPlant, Alf-Rack and Cutting Edge. Deer activity has steadily increased. The food plots along with the mineral supplements have drawn in more deer but has made a significant difference in antlers and body size.

Last spring, we planted three, half-acre plots of Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack at a friend’s farm near Charleston, W.V. The plots look great and the deer took to them right away. We look forward to the results in coming years.

I’ve sent a photo of a 15-point buck killed in an Imperial Clover plot by my hunting partner, Darrell Alford.

Darrell Alford

In 2001, I had been seeing a number of deer at a hunting site in Greenville County, S.C.A friend, J.W. Jordan, gave me a few pounds of Imperial Whitetail Clover, which I planted in the spring of 2001. As fall approached, I began to see several bucks with nice racks. One was a wide, thick beamed 8-pointer; another was a huge racked deer with at least 12 points.

During bow season I passed on the 8-pointer and a 6-pointer to wait on my “big buck.” I saw him only once during bow season, and although he was within range, I could not get a good shot at him. I observed that he was more than a 12-pointer. I continued to hunt for him almost exclusively on into rifle season, but he had vanished.

My wife and friends said I was making a mistake by not hunting at my other hunting locations.

Finally, on Nov. 15, in the afternoon, my big buck stepped out of the woods and into my Imperial Clover field, where some does were already feeding. This time he turned broadside and presented me with a perfect 60-yard shot. One shot did the job. He was a 15-pointer with high, thick antlers and a spread of 19.75 inches, and he was still in velvet.

As it turned out, for whatever reason, he had no testicles and so his rack had just kept growing from the previous year. Needless to say, I have since planted Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack at a number of sites that I own and lease. I have also put out more 30-06 Plus Protein and Cutting Edge.

Pete Clark - Arkansas

PowerPlant Improves Herd Quality

Editor’s note: This is a story we received from Pete Clark, a Whitetail Institute field tester from central Arkansas.

We have been using Imperial Products for three years on our lease and have been very pleased with the results. We planted PowerPlant for the first time last summer. The deer loved it, and the antler growth was phenomenal. The results of the PowerPlant are seen in my 8-year-old son’s first buck.

Arkansas has a three-day gun hunt after Christmas. We call it the Kids’ Hunt; I have two boys (8 and 13 years old), and my hunting partner has two boys (9 and 14 years old). The boys are out of school during the Kids’ Hunt, and it gives us a great chance to gear up for the last hunt of the season.

Boy With Buck He Killed

The dates last year’s hunt were Dec. 26, 27 and 28. We hunted the first two days and made it home for church on Sunday. My 8-year old son, Dale, hunts with a single shot .243. He killed his first deer (a doe) the day before Thanksgiving. On Dec. 26, he took a beautiful buck. The holidays were very good for him.

The morning of the Dec. 26 was uneventful. We didn’t see any deer. When we returned to camp for lunch, the other hunters had not taken any deer but they had seen a few does. The afternoon hunt was a little better. At about 5:10 p.m. a doe and two yearlings came out at 250 yards on my side of the stand, which was a little too far Dale’s marksmanship.

The deer were moving into a draw that circled around to his side of the stand. Dale asked if the doe might come out on his side, and I told him to watch closely. About 15 minutes later he said Dad there SHE is. I looked out his window and there was a deer at about 65 yards. Darkness was coming on fast and all we could see with the naked eye was a deer. When I raised my binoculars I knew Dale had found something special. I didn’t want to make him nervous so I told him that it was HER and he could take her. I was nervous enough for the both of us, and I didn’t want to tell him what he was really shooting at. Dale was having a little trouble finding the deer in the scope, and I was thinking, “Oh, no, if I shoot this deer no one will ever forgive me for shooting him instead of letting Dale shoot him.” 

This only took 15 to 20 seconds, but it felt like an hour. Dale got the deer in the scope and made an excellent shot. The deer traveled about 15 yards after the shot. When I told him his doe was actually a big buck, he got very excited. We loaded the deer up on the 4-wheeler and hauled it back to camp. Everyone in camp was excited.

The deer gross scores 134 1/8. He only has a 12-inch spread but has 22-inch main beams. This is the highest scoring deer killed in our camp in 15 years, and this was after the first year of PowerPlant.

We planted three acres of PowerPlant last year and seven acres this year. The PowerPlant was planted on April 17 and is doing well.                

We can’t wait until next season. Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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