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Alfa-Rack Plus Food Plot Seed From Whitetail Institute

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Imperial Alfa-Rack for Areas Clover Won't Grow

Bag of Imperial Alfa Rack Plus

Alfa rack Plus

ALFA-RACK PLUS is the solution for areas where soil conditions are not well suited to growing Imperial Whitetail Clover or other planting requiring heavier, moist soil. This exciting formulation of specially selected, deep-rooted alfalfa, chicory and clover seed was blended to thrive in faster, draining, lighter soils, on hilltops or hillsides … places you probably think you can’t plant!

ALFA-RACK Plus can add totally new hunting sites to your property:
By using ALFA-RACK, places on your property that are marginal "travel routes" or crossing areas have the potential to become premium stands that attract and hold additional deer. Because ALFA-RACK grows where clover often doesn’t adapt, the possibilities for expanding overall numbers and health of deer on your property is greatly increased. Best of all, every buck, young and old, will carry a heavier rack and more body weight!

"In most natural whitetail habitats, protein levels fall well below the ideal for optimum antler development. Large-scale plantings of high-protein, all-year forages, like Imperial Alfa-Rack and Imperial Clover are essential, especially where large numbers of trophy-antlered deer are desired."   Rodney Dyer  - Wildlife Biologist 

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Planting Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus & Food Plot Benefits

Where to Plant:

Areas of well drained soil:
Almost any loose soil that seems to dry quickly or spots where water penetrates the ground (rather than puddle) shortly after a rain may be good spots for Alfa-Rack. Hillsides or slopes where water runs off are often good choices provided sufficient water penetrates the ground. Poorer soils in lower areas can also be suitable for Alfa-Rack.

In overpopulated whitetail habitats:
Imperial Alfa-Rack can help support your whitetail herds and improve their overall health at the same time, while your deer population is being brought into balance with the food supply. This gives you the advantage of having a yearly crop that has superior stolon survival in soils during the hot months of spring, summer and early fall. During these months, when plants are tough, falter, and die, Imperial ALFA-RACK keeps on producing, giving your whitetails up to 12 months of high-quality forage each year. 

Printable detailed instructions for planting and maintaining Alfa-Rack Plus here.

What To Expect From Alfa-Rack Plus Food Plots:

  • Perennial Growth for Up To Five Years or More
    In testing, some plots lasted well over ten years when properly clipped and fertilized. This makes ALFA-RACK PLUS one of the least expensive planting available.

  • Extreme Winter-Hardiness
    ALFA-RACK is more disease resistant than some "disease resistant" varieties used by farmers for many years.

  • Drought Tolerance
    Although no currently available food plot planting is drought proof, ALFA-RACK will grow extremely well in soils that drain and dry quickly. This is due to a deep growing "tap root" that reaches down into the fast draining soil and pulls moisture up into the plant. Root depths can reach up to 20 feet!

  • Nutrition
    ALFA-RACK PLUS now includes Imperial Whitetail Clover (the #1 food plot choice nationwide) not only in nutritional value and protein (protein content up to 35%), but also in its attractiveness to deer. In tests, ALFA-RACK was preferred 5 to 1 over natural foods and other food plot plantings.

  • Benefits of Chicory
    Alfa-Rack Plus has been enhanced by the addition of chicory. Chicory is a highly drought tolerant plant that is extremely attractive to deer, especially in late summer and early fall.  Chicory, like alfalfa is high in protein. Alfa-Rack Plus uses a specially selected variety of Chicory that is attractive to deer.

More Information For Alfa-Rack Plus Food Plots*

  • Seed Type: Perennial - can last up to 5+ years
  • Soil Type Required: Well-drained soils such as hilltops or hillsides
  • pH level Required: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Sunlight Required: 3 to 5 hours of broken, filtered or direct sunlight
  • Seeding Rate: 17lbs per acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1/8" or less
  • Equipment Required: Tillage equipment needed to break and smooth soil.

*Information provided by the Whitetail Institute

Research on Imperial Alfa-Rack Seed Blend

How did we create Alfa-Rack?
"First, we looked at the growth characteristics of every variety of Alfalfa we could find. We categorized them according to what characteristics were desirable in a food plot (it had to be tasty, but it had to survive a cold winter or a hot summer. Regional blends are available and are designed for your specific climate.) Next, we blended seeds that met specific needs and had the ability to regenerate plants from a "mother" plant, another for its tendency to "fill in" spots that become thin. All had to pass the taste test to maximize the plot’s ability to attract and hold deer. Finally, we added a tender clover that grows primarily as a "companion" plant to legumes and then we tested and tested and tested."
Dr. Wiley Johnson - Director of Forage Research Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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