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 Imperial Whitetail Power Plant Food Plot Seed Blend

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What is PowerPlant For Food Plots?

Imperial PowerPlant, the newest product offered by The Whitetail Institute, is an annual planting that consists of a mixture of warm season forages (Spring & Summer) that work together to offer your deer an ultra high-protein food source. It can be planted in smaller acreages and survive relatively heavy grazing by whitetail deer due to the addition of tall plant varieties that the peas and other vines may grow up instead of being trampled. Completely different than any product developed by the Institute, PowerPlant provides more tonnage of browse per acre than any food plot product available.

The unique seed blend includes small amounts of sorghum and sunflowers along with heavy doses of beans and peas. The specially developed legumes found in PowerPlant are fast growing and extremely high in protein. Because of the unique blend of forages and fast growing capabilities, PowerPlant can be planted in smaller acreages and has a much better chance of surviving relatively heavy browsing.

PowerPlant is a spring/summer planting that grows very well in a variety of moist and dry soils, and has been field tested around the country on wild, free-ranging deer. The plot will typically thrive throughout the hottest months and into early fall.

PowerPlant is not a substitute for Imperial Whitetail Clover, ALFA-RACK or No-Plow, it is an additional forage to further enhance the health of your deer herd. PowerPlant simply increases the amount and diversity of protein-rich forage available on your property, and it grows in more soil types than clover. Its primary purpose is to offer deer the high-protein, antler-building forage needed during the antler-growing process.

A PowFood Plot with Powerplant erPlant food plot looks and functions differently than other food plots. As the taller, structural forages grow, viny plants grow up the stalks. The support plants grow to a maximum height of 4 to 6 feet and prevent the beans and peas from simply crawling along the ground. Viny legumes that do not have a support structure will often become stunted and fall into poor health. The support plants allow the viny plants to rapidly regenerate and provide constant forage throughout the plot’s lifespan.

A typical 1-acre PowerPlant food plot can produce more than TWO TONS of forage per year.

PowerPlant is easy to plant and establish. A 25-pound bag of PowerPlant typically covers three-quarters to one acre. After a soil test is done to determine the pH level, spread the appropriate amount of lime on the site to reduce acidity. Whitetail Institute products produce optimum results when pH levels are around 7. Disk the area thoroughly at least 4 to 6 inches deep. Disperse the seed and LIGHTLY disk or harrow the plot to cover the seed no more than 1 inch deep. Recommended plantings run from early May to late June, depending on location.


Benefits of Planting A Imperial Power Plant Food Plot

  • Easy to plant.
  • Produces over 2 tons of forage per acre, which is much higher than the over-hyped spring and summer blends.
  • Can be rotated as a rotational plot with a fall annual product.
  • Provides excellent brood habitat for turkeys and other birds in the early stages of development. 
  • Blend of three legumes, including LabLab and special soybeans developed for prolific growth
  • Combined with fast-growing, tall, palatable forages which help protect legumes from over-grazing
  • Can be rotated with fall/winter annuals

"Because it grows faster, PowerPlant withstands heavy grazing pressure better than other spring/summer annuals."
Rodney Dyer - Wildlife Biologist Whitetail Institute

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PowerPlant Adds Additional High-Protein Forage to Existing Food Plots of Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack

Offering top quality forage diversity can increase the carrying capacity of your land. PowerPlant produces over 30 percent protein and also provides good cover for bedding. PowerPlant is a blend developed at the Whitetail Institute. It contains 4 legumes that have an excellent chance of survival because they are blended with a palatable crop of forages that grow taller and can protect the other plants from overgrazing at an early stage that could eliminate them.

PowerPlant Provides More Tonnage Per Acre Than Any Other Spring/Summer Annual Food Plot

PowerPlant is an annual. You plant it in the spring and it will grow quickly so as to give your deer the antler-growing protein they need during the spring and summer antler-growing period.

PowerPlant provides more tonnage per acre than any other spring/summer annual. Again, this prolific growth is critical to the survival of the food plot when deer are grazing it heavily. No other annual food plot planting, branded or generic, can compare. If you’re going to plant for diversity or want to plant a annual that will produce during the hot summer months, PowerPlant is the answer.

Wildlife Bedding Cover Provided By Prolific Growth Of Powerplant

Another advantage of prolific-growing PowerPlant is the added cover it provides. PowerPlant grows so tall, so fast, that it will quickly become a favorite bedding option for your deer. Food and cover all-in-one is a recipe for successful hunting. Deer will spend more time on your property in an identifiable area if they have both food and cover nearby. PowerPlant gives them both. Also, PowerPlant makes for great nesting and brood cover for turkeys and increases the survival rate of turkey or pheasant poults.

PowerPlant is The Answer When You Have Poor Soil, Drought Conditions or When You’ve Missed Spring Planting Dates

In the vast majority of cases, PowerPlant should be viewed as a companion food plot to Imperial Whitetail Clover (or Alfa-Rack) as a means of adding diversity. However, PowerPlant can be a good alternative to Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack in three situations:

  1. Poor soil conditions – There are some cases where Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack might not take, due to poor soil. If you have this problem, PowerPlant could very well be the answer. Its prolific growth characteristics frequently allow it to flourish in marginal soil.
  2. Very dry conditions – PowerPlant may also be an alternative to Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack in dry conditions. The key is early moisture. If PowerPlant gets some rain in the first few weeks, it can withstand some pretty dry weather later in the summer. Try to follow planting dates closely to take advantage of spring and early summer rains.
  3. When you’ve missed spring planting dates – PowerPlant is a good alternative to Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack if you must plant late. For instance, in some parts of the south and southeast, planting dates for Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack range from the first of February to the first of March (depending on weather). If for some reason you were not able to get that spring planting of Imperial Clover or Alfa-Rack done, PowerPlant can be planted through May in the South and as late as the end of June in the North. Because it grows so fast, PowerPlant will quickly give your deer high protein. It’s better to plant PowerPlant late than it is to skip having a food plot altogether.

Use PowerPlant in Conjunction With a Fall/Winter Annual or Leave It for Wildlife Cover

Your PowerPlant food plot will last until the first frost in the fall. Even then, it will provide some forage and good cover during the fall months. You might also want to rotate PowerPlant with Imperial Whitetail Winter Greens fall/winter annual. In this case, you’ll want to mow your PowerPlant two weeks before you disk for the fall planting.

It is important to always leave some available food. If you eliminate all your spring/summer plots in anticipation of a complete rotation to fall/winter plots and do not have any perennials such as Imperial Clover or Alfa-Rack, your deer will have a period of time with no reason to stick around. This is why you want to leave something for the transition between planting and establishment of your fall/winter forages.

How PowerPlant Food Plot Seed is different from NO PLOW™

If you’re familiar with the Whitetail Institute family of food plot products, you know that NO-PLOW has been the annual of choice for several years. Besides being an annual, PowerPlant is completely different from NO-PLOW.

PowerPlant was designed to give your deer diversity in conjunction with Imperial Whitetail Clover. It provides your deer with legumes, which are protected by fast growing forages. NO-PLOW is an annual developed for those who want a food plot product that can be planted in hard-to-reach places and that requires less effort and equipment than Imperial Whitetail Clover. Furthermore, PowerPlant and NO-PLOW use completely different plant varieties. That said, many Whitetail Institute field testers have planted PowerPlant and NO-PLOW side-by-side to see which performs better on their land, and which the deer prefer. Ultimately many use both.

How To Plant A Food Plot With PowerPlant Food Plot Seed

The planting instructions for PowerPlant are simple and the planting process is easy.

  1. First, you need to soil test the area to be planted for the establishment of soybeans and add lime and fertilizer as recommended. In the case of no soil test, add one ton of lime per acre and 350 to 400 lbs. of 13-13-13 fertilizer. Always strive for a pH of 6.0 to 7. If pH is   lower, the plants will have difficulty with nutrient uptake. If planted in lower pH soils, PowerPlant may grow slower than usual.
  2. You’ll need to disk the area thoroughly to a minimum of 4 to 6 inches deep. This loosens the seedbed and eliminates weeds and grass. Next you’ll broadcast seed at the rate of 25 lbs. per acre and disk or harrow lightly to cover the seed to a depth of one inch.
  3. A 50-lb. bag of PowerPlant will plant between 1-1/2 and two acres. In areas of high deer densities, plant 50 lbs. per 1-1/2 acres. In spite of its prolific growth, PowerPlant, too, can be overgrazed if subjected to extreme grazing. In such cases, plant larger areas and plant early.

Planting PowerPlant Your Food Plot Gives Wildlife Reason To Stay On Your Property

We all love a hot, juicy, grilled steak, just not every day. You can give the deer on your property an alternative to your Imperial Whitetail Clover and/or Alfa-Rack food plots with new PowerPlant, a legume-based food plot product. PowerPlant helps increase the carrying capacity of your property and will give your deer even more reason to stay on your side of the fence.

Dr Johnson with seedlings

Researcher on Imperial PowerPlant Food Plot Seed

"The problem with most bean and pea blends is that once they are planted, they are at the mercy of our ravenous deer herd and are commonly grazed to death before they ever really get started. Many different attempts at bean and pea blends have been made but none have been able to combine all the vital elements needed: high quality forage, attractiveness to deer and the growing ability to better withstand heavy grazing. No spring and summer annual blend has been able to provide all these traits. That is until the Institute developed new PowerPlant."
Dr. Wiley Johnson  - Director of Forage Research Growing a wild tomorrow!®
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